My approach and philosophy is to produce jewellery that makes you feel special, with exciting and bold design that looks to modern influences and draws on both traditional and cutting edge technologies. The key to this is for me to strive to constantly design and make jewellery that is wearable, stylish and simple with a modern twist to stand out.

All my work is carefully crafted to the highest standard in silver and gold allowing me to offer jewellery that has exact finishing and that is easy-to-wear but looks striking on any occasion. After an initial training overseas, I have developed my skills and approaches through a process of self-development and this has allowed me to gain a different perspective on design and constantly makes me push my own boundaries. I've also drawn on experiences in working in creative industries in both Latin America and the UK for the last 20 years. My work is hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office and comes elegantly packaged. 

If you have any specific enquiries about commissions, stocking my work or visiting the studio, please contact me using the form below

or by e-mail: design@jonathandeer.co.uk

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